Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ok I'm a new Browser now ,,think it was google causing all the issues!!!

Lets hope this stops all my blog problems!!!! lol!!


  1. Drat those web problems! Glad it works somewhat! Still have trouble posting comments Messing up my organized time to get to lots of blogs before my time is up! Anne

  2. So....did it work Donna??? Hope so!!! :o) Robin

  3. Well sorta Robin... but adobe wont load at all no matter what I do...And I cant post giveaways on my sidebar..I'm pissed!!!!!!

  4. my issues are different. McAfee says I'm in danger--run a scan. So I do--no problems detected. iTunes won't load for me and I cannot update Adobe. I'm blaming blogger, too.
    Please do away with word verification.......